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Visualisierung des GEWOFAG-Bauvorhabens in Freiham., Foto: 03 Architekten GmbH
Foto: 03 Architekten GmbH

You are new to this city and have no idea about renting customs. What rents are acceptable and what are clearly rip-offs? Do I have to put down a deposit? What can I do if there are problems with my landlord or landlady? Don't worry: everybody who wants to rent a place in Munich for the first time has the same questions - and there is advice at hand.


Social department housing and refugee office

The City of Munich Housing and Refugees Office offers advice to tenants and landlords / landladys for free. Staff are happy to answer all your questions about the legal framework and about rents.

How often can my landlord raise the rent? Is the rent ok or is it too high? How much will electricity, water and heating cost and how can I control these costs? Who has to pay for repairs? Who is entitled to what? There is an answer to all these questions, just pop in or call one of the telephone numbers below:

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.30am - 12pm
for employees: Wednesday 3pm - 5pm
Please ring 089 233 402 00 for an appointment so that you don't need to wait.

Out of office hours you can reach the office by telephone:
089 233-40274
089 233-40277
089 233-40281
089 233-40283
089 233-40275
089 233-40272

Monday - Wednesday 1.30pm - 3pm
Thursday 10am - 12pm


Wohnungs- und Flüchtlingsamt
Franziskanerstraße 8
81669 München
Tel. 089 233-40200
Fax 089 233-40442


The tenants' association is a committee affiliated to the administration of the city, independent of political parties and working as a mediator between landlords and tenants. The association supports tenants in founding renters' associations of the apartment buildings they live in.

Burgstraße 4 (room 020, ground floor)
80331 München
Tel.: (089) 233-243 34
Fax: (089) 233-211 80

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday
9am - 12pm

Link to Mieterbeirat München (in German)



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