Tips for renting an apartment

How to find the right place to live in Munich

Check out these tips. They might help you find the room or appartment which is right for you and your needs.
Rent calculator. The city of Munich provides a rental survey which informs you about current rental rates and laws. The study available online is up-to-date and representative.  To use it, just click on the link "Mietspiegel" below. After clicking on "Berechnungsprogramm" you can choose between "Berechnung in Euro ohne Betriebskosten" - rent in Euros without surcharges such as heating - and "mit Betriebskosten", i.e. with surcharges. Then you need to specify the criteria to classify the flat or house you are renting.  The programme will then calculate the average rent that is charged in Munich for that sort of flat.

Link to the rent calculator "Mietspiegel" (in German)



The "Mitwohnzentrale" is an agency which matches people renting out a flat or a room for a few months with people who are currently looking for accommodation. You have to register to use the "Mitwohnzentrale"'s services and obtain information on the accommodation currently available. You usually have serveral choices of accommodation. "Wohngemeinschaften", i.e. flats or houses, which are shared by a group of people living together, are very common and popular. If you do succeed in finding acommodation through the agency, a fee is due. The link "Mitwohnzentrale" takes you to an online database.

Link to the Mitwohnzentrale website


(last update 2/2010)

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