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Five Good Reasons to Ride a Bike

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Even more than quick and healthy: Hands down, a bike will get you through Munich more quickly and flexibly than any other means of transport, What’s more, you’ll be relaxed, you won’t harm the environment, and it’s good for your health.

1. Quick and flexible

In a five-kilometre radius in Munich, you will travel more quickly and flexibly on a bike than by any other means of transport. Use the online service below to find the shortest and most beautiful route.
Bike Routing (in German)
Cycling City Map 

2. First-Rate Infrastructure

With its approx. 1.200 kilometres of marked bike lanes and some 22,000 bike stands, Munich’s infrastructure is first-rate.
Information on Munich’s Cycle Network (PDF, 430 kb)

3. Good for Your Health

Biking promotes your health. The World Health Organization has confirmed that regular cycling lowers the risk of coronary disease and of adults contracting obesity-related diseases or diabetes by approx. 50%. The risk of getting high blood pressure decreases by 30%. Osteoporosis risk also drops significantly. Besides, cyclists demonstrably suffer from less stress!
More Information in the "Cycling and Health" Study

4. Top Options for Combining Biking and Public Transit

In Munich, biking and public transport are a great combination. At underground and S-Bahn stops, you will find numerous parking spaces for bikes. In addition, there is a Bicycle Day Pass that allows you to use any S-Bahn and underground as well as certain regional trains at the times indicated.

5. Friendly to the Environment and Easy on Traffic

When you opt for your bike rather than your car, you are not just being good to the environment but also making a contribution to sustained improvement of Munich’s traffic.

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