S-Bahn Munich

Travelling by Munich S-Bahn <br>(urban rail)

Destinations outside of Munich such as Dachau or Starnberg are served by a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary. For more than 30 years, Munich S-Bahn has connected the State Capital to its surroundings and beyond. Two of a total of ten lines shuttle between the city and Munich Airport at short intervals. Every day more than 720,000 passengers travel by S-Bahn – the equivalent of more than two thirds of all Bavarian rapid transit customers.

 S-Bahn Munich runs on 442 kilometres of track, the largest network of Germany’s S-Bahn systems, and, at an average travel speed of 50 kilometres per hour, is Germany’s fastest S-Bahn.

This top-notch performance is not an accident. Around the clock, more than 1,000 competent associates work like a well-oiled machine to keep S-Bahn Munich’s promise of placing customer service first. When you travel on Munich’s S-Bahn, you receive brand-quality service. To increase standards further, the Free State of Bavaria and Deutsche Bahn AG have invested more than 266 million euros in continued expansion of Munich S-Bahn.

The capital expenditure programme of the future is in full swing: Most lines are already served by new ET 423 trains that have superseded the old train sets. They offer state-of-the-art amenities to passengers: air conditioning, sound-proofing, convenience and safety.

Expansion of the route network began a while ago: Several sections are becoming two-track, separate S-Bahn tracks are being built and stations are being remodelled or built from scratch. Even the heart of Munich’s S-Bahn system is undergoing a facelift: The 4.2-km trunk line tunnel that runs across Munich’s centre is being equipped with new signalling technology.

It is the objective of all of this expansion and upgrading to introduce 10-minute service intervals to the most important lines and to significantly increase capacity across the entire network.
And there are more plans for additional growth. Currently, a feasibility study is being prepared on the subject of a second S-Bahn tunnel designed to take some pressure off the current trunk line, provide more frequent service, and enhance reliability and punctuality.

In the future, the S-Bahn as a member of Munich’s Transport and Tariff Union MVV will continue to provide a backbone allowing fast and convenient connections to the employment centre Munich.

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