Timetables for public transport

, Foto: MVV GmbH
Foto: MVV GmbH

Download timetables for any lines and bulletin timetables here.

Timetables are available in PDF format and will open once you click on the respective image or link. You will need the Adobe Reader software to view the timetables. Please note the date printed on the timetable, which indicates when information about the respective line was last revised.

Specific timetables for stops
Find the familiar timetables from your stops posted here.
Click here for the MVV search template for stop specific schedules (German)  

Timetables (in book form)
Here you will find schedules in PDF for download. The line selection template allows you to select your line, for which the timetables are then generated. To select your desired line, please directly enter a line number, stop or address.
Click here for MVV's search template for line schedules

MVG bulletin schedules

Ideal for reading or printing: Download MVG's original bulletin underground, bus and tram schedules here. Click here for MVG's search for bulletin timetables (in German)

Mini timetables
MVG has prepared complete line timetables for trams, underground lines, metro and city buses. One side features a line map, the other side provides an overview of departure times. These timetables are ideal companions for flexible travelers today.
Click here for MVG's mini timetables (in German) 



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