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Let us stay in touch – especially now, in times of the Coronavirus pandemic!

OB Dieter Reiter (Foto: M. Nagy / Presseamt)  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.

Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter

Dear Citizens of Munich,

I hope this letter finds you well. Despite everything we are going through together in these weeks and months. Some of you have probably already been through some hard times, fateful events and crises, but nothing like a virus that has kept the whole world in suspense for months?

Hardly any of us could have imagined that.

As Lord Mayor, I have had to make many decisions in recent months that have severely restricted all of you in your daily lives and private spheres. This is never easy for me nor for any of you, as we battle to strike a balance with the right measures. We only expect you to do what we consider absolutely necessary. We consult together with you every day; we look at the development of infection figures and evaluate the situation repeatedly.

Changes to the everyday fabric of life have been severe – not being allowed to meet with family, friends or relatives in nursing homes, as well as the burden felt by us all, especially for the little ones, and always having to socially distance and cover your mouth and nose – how nice it would be if we could put all of this behind us. If only culture, gastronomy and sport could go back to being the same again. Unfortunately, I cannot share this good news with you today.

As important as it were right now to exchange ideas, to talk to each other in person, to hear how the other is doing, the current situation simply makes it impossible for us to do just that. That is why, unfortunately, all citizen meetings for this year have had to be cancelled since the spring – as well as my citizens' consultations in the city districts. I have taken this decision with a heavy heart, in order to avoid any risk to your health and the health of everyone involved.

I very much regret the cancellations, as citizen meetings, in particular, offer you a great opportunity to address your concerns directly to us, the city’s politicians and its administration, in order to obtain information on current issues or to raise key issues. I have come to appreciate this kind of direct citizen participation over recent years, so it will be all the more difficult to do without this key fixture in the coming weeks.

And it is all the more important for me to highlight to you the possibilities of contacting the city politicians and the city administration nevertheless. In particular, feel free to take the opportunity to contact the responsible committee for your city district. You are also welcome to contact me directly or the relevant departments at any time via my citizens' advisory service. You will find the pertinent contact details in the enclosed attachment. Let us know what's on your mind, and let us stay in touch! Especially during this pandemic, which makes it difficult for us to keep in touch.

Munich is a city that sticks together. This is also evident during these times. I am proud of this and, with that, I would simply like to say at this point: Thank you! Thank you for adhering to the rules and helping us to get through this pandemic together with mutual respect and consideration.

In the interests of all of us, I appeal to you to continue to abide by the Coronavirus rules and thus protect yourself and others. Please take special care to protect society’s risk groups, i.e. especially elderly people and people with health problems, who are dependent on the responsible behaviour of their fellow citizens.

I am confident that, together, we will be able to contain the spread of the virus until we have effective medicines and a vaccine. As an urban society, we have shown in the past that we truly stand together when it counts. The time to do so again is here!

Thank you very much for your support and understanding.

With warm regards,

Unterschrift Dieter Reiter

Dieter Reiter

Lord Mayor