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city | building | plan - 850 Years of Urban Development in Munich (2008)

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In 2008, the Department of City Planning and Building Regulation has celebrated Munich’s 850th anniversary by organizing the exhibition “city | building | plan“ [stadt | bau | plan], which presents the important stages of Munich’s spatial and architectural development.

The founding of the city of Munich 850 years ago was a part of a Europe-wide surge of city foundings that also saw the establishment of 85% of today’s European cities in the span of just one hundred years. Henry the Lion came from a great distance to this little village “of Monks” with the intention of profiting from the salt trade. Napoleon revolutionized Europe through war and modernization, and Munich, as the capitol of the newly established Kingdom of Bavaria, enjoyed unique terms for developing regal boulevards and plazas, which to this day form the face of the city. At the close of history’s worst global war, Munich lay in ruins due to her close ties to the growth of Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Following the division of Germany Munich, more than most cities, profited from the ‘economic miracle’ to become a ‘high-tech’ metropolis with global trade relations.

As a ‘global city’, Munich has retained her historic cityscape and her comfortable lifestyle due in large part to the special commitment of her citizens and city fathers and because of her own tradition of successful development and city planning.

With historic and current maps, planning documents and elevations of the cityscape the exhibition tries to make the city 'readable'. Media stations allow to learn more about planning processes and city development. Highlights are a 'printed' city model of Munich's inner city and an audio-visual introduction to the urban development history - 850 years in 15 minutes.

An exhibition of the Department of City Planning and Building Regulation in cooperation with the Department of Culture and the City Archives.


Blumenstrasse 28b, Munich
Monday to friday, 8 am to 8 pm


A DVD with illustrations, texts and media in German and English is available from Franz Schiermeier Verlag or at bookstores.


Landeshauptstadt München

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