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Manchester United Memorial

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Manchester United Memorial

Commemoration of the victims of the air crash

The Manchester United-Memorial is commemorating the 23 victims of the air crash in the year 1958.

The Manchester United-Memorial is commemorating the 23 victims of the air crash on February 6th, 1958 in Munich. The victims included 8 players of the football club Manchester United. 

At that time, the team of coach Matt Busby was on a return flight from a European cup game in Belgrade. The propeller aircraft was bound to land in Munich for a refill stopover. The disaster occured after three take-off attempts on the snowed-up runway. The aircraft did not pick up enough speed for take off, overshot the runway, crashed through a fence and was completely wrecked after 150 meters. 7 Manchester United players perished at the crashsite, a further player died in hospital after two weeks.

In commemoration of the victims a memorial plaque was erected at the Trudering crashsite in 2004 showing engravings of a football pitch with the names of the victims. The Memorial plaque was designed and financed by Manchester United.

The Manchester United Memorial is located at the Manchesterplatz, Munich-Trudering, Germany.

Access by Public Transport

The memorial is accessible by public transport: S-Bahn line 4, resp. U-Bahn line 2, stop Trudering. Visitors should exit the train station at the north side and walk to Birthälmer Strasse, turn right and walk straight on to the memorial for ca. 1 km.