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Oktoberfest 2019

Starting on August 12, representatives of the media can go online to obtain accreditation for the 2019 Oktoberfest. Punctual processing is guaranteed for all applications received up to and including September 6. After September 6 – including when the festival is underway – it is still possible to obtain accreditation, but is no longer possible for us to guarantee that applications will be dealt with at short notice. You may then have to put up with a lengthy wait.

Press accreditation is open to:

  • Oktoberfest reporters representing all media (print and online media, TV, radio and photographic coverage) who meet the following conditions:
    - Presentation of a current valid national press ID card and/or
    - Presentation of a written order placed by an editorial department in relation to the Oktoberfest

  • Bloggers (on the web, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube) who meet the following conditions:
    - Their blog must be of relevance to the industry
    - Their blog must have been in existence for over a year and must contain regular articles published over the past 12 months
    - Hit rates for blog and social media channels must be disclosed on request

Accreditation will not be granted to:

  • Individuals with no proof of journalistic legitimacy
  • Individuals who operate solely on a private basis in social media contexts

Accreditation gives the bearer:

  • Permission to engage in filming and photographic work outdoors at the Oktoberfest and the Oide Wiesn, but not in the beer tents or in/on rides and amusements or in booths (In the latter cases, please contact the relevant landlords and ride owners.)

  • Free access to the Oide Wiesn (“Vintage Oktoberfest”)

  • Access to the Oktoberfest Press Office at the Theresienwiese Service Center (SZT), including free use (during opening hours) of workplaces equipped with wireless LAN

  • Access to the festival grounds via all entrances

  • Access to the festival grounds via entrance P 14 (pedestrian underpass from Theresienhöhe) to pick up your press ID card

  • Permission to bring necessary work equipment onto the festival grounds (subject to inspection by the stewards at the entrances)

  • Access to a supply of relevant press information

Times at which filming and photographic work is permitted during the Oktoberfest

  • During the festival's regular opening times:
    - working days: 10:00 am to 1:00 am
    - on September 21 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 9:00 am to 1:00 am

  • For filming and photographic work outside the regular opening times, special permissions must be applied for when you obtain your online accreditation.

  • For security reasons, neither filming nor photographic work is permitted in the Theresienwiese Service Center (SZT) or the “Behördenhof” (administrative facilities) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays or on October 2 and 3.

For filming and photographic permits that do not relate to journalistic Oktoberfest coverage, please use this application form (PDF, 99 KB) (available only in german!) instead of the online form. Please mail the completed form to presse-veranstaltungen.raw@muenchen.de
Please note that a fee is charged for films/photographic material produced for commercial purposes. The fee is determined by the work involved and the duration of the filming/photography.

Permission to film/photograph the construction and dismantling of the Oktoberfest is granted only in exceptional cases. For this purpose, please call or e‑mail the team at the Oktoberfest Press Office.

>> Go here to obtain your accreditation online >>

You will receive an e‑mail confirming that we have received your application. Please be aware that processing can take several days. You will receive a second e‑mail as soon as your accreditation card (your personalized press ID card) is ready to be picked up. Press ID cards can only be picked up in person from the Oktoberfest Press Office.

We look forward to your coverage of the festival and would kindly ask you to send a copy of or links to your published article to presse-veranstaltungen.raw@muenchen.de

Other Oktoberfest accreditations:

  • For the opening ceremony in the Schottenhamel tent (the ritual tapping of the first keg):
    This accreditation is available only from the City of Munich's Press and Information Office from August 12 to September 6. E-mail: presseamt@muenchen.de.
    Please note:
    - Accreditations are accepted as valid only at the specified times!
    - On September 21, the festival grounds can be accessed from 8:30 am only via entrance P14.
    - The Schottenhamel tent can be accessed for the keg-tapping ceremony from 8:30 am only via door W1.

  • For the Grand Entry of the Oktoberfest Landlords and the Costume and Riflemen's Parade:
    Accreditation is available from August. Please apply directly to Festring München e.V.: Phone +49 (0)089 2608134, e‑mail: info@festring.de