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Startup assistance

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Information and advice for start-up entrepreneurs in Munich

Thinking of going self-employed? The Munich Business Startup Office (MEB) provides well-founded assistance tailored to your specific situation, helping you to weigh up the opportunities and risks inherent in self-employed activity.

Looking for an initial overview? 
2-hours information session (in English)

On December 1, 9-11 am “Welcome! How to start a business" (in English)

Attend our online information session for a brief overview of all key start-up topics. More information and registration

Tutorial films: For a quick overview

Our two-minute tutorials give you a quick overview of all key start-up topics. Clearly structured and entertaining, the tutorials outline basic things you need to know to start a business. See for yourself!

Founding brochure: Outlining framework conditions for starting up

Our founding brochure provides a basic overview of legal, tax and economic framework conditions for starting up in Germany. It features links to further information and other helpful contact points.

Develop a business plan that is solid and well-structured

Draft all your planning assumptions and scenarios for your target market and business model. This helps you to assess your idea's prospects of economic success, even in the longer term. Your business plan serves as a guideline at the outset and, later, as a useful controlling tool.

Financing and public support

How can you fund your new business? What support could be available for you? There is a wide variety of financial assistance available for entrepreneurs and companies. Check here for more information

Startup assistance at the Munich Business Startup Office (MEB)

Do you still have questions? You are welcome to call or send us an email to clarify individual questions. Our consulting services are free of charge.

We offer information and advice on the following topics:
    • Start-up formalities
    • Business plan
    • Choice of legal form and tax overview
    • Private and operational security
    • Subsidies and financial aids
    • Seminars and events
    • Office space and start-up centers

The City of Munich is offering these services as a partner of MEB, a joint initiative with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

The MEB is not entitled to offer consulting services on insurance, tax or legal matters.

Are you planning a business in the skilled craft sector? Please turn to the startup service of the local Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK).

Do you live abroad and would like to set up a business / a branch office in Munich? The municipal Point of Single Contact for corporate services will assist you with your entrepreneurial questions.

Contact us:
Phone: 089 2332 1759 Talk times Mon-Thu from 13:00
e-mail: meb@muenchen.de

Startup information focusing on specific issues: For clear and detailed knowledge

Startup infomation for certain commercial sectors to help you understand legal conditions and prepare accordingly. Currently available for a variety of specific issues:

    • How to start a restaurant business (pdf, 109 KB)
    • Setting up a retail business (pdf, 111 KB)
    • Commercial use of premises (pdf, 98 KB)

Fill-in help for registering a business in Munich

This startup info supports founders to fill-in the business registration form for the Business Licensing Office (Gewerbebehörde) with the Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR) in Munich.

Looking for an initial overview? 2-hours information session (in German)

Attend our online information session “Erfolgreich gründen - was kommt auf mich zu?” (in German) for a brief overview of all key start-up topics. You can ask questions and share your experiences with other start-up entrepreneurs. Register online here

We wish you all the best for launching a successful business in Munich!


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