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How to start a business

    How to start a business - MEB tutorials

    Our how to-videos explain 15 key issues when starting up a business in Germany.

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    Here you can go straight to our YouTube playlist. 

    Below you can find key startup topics one by one. They are put in order so they help you collect necessary knowledge step by step.

    Starting a business – general formalities

    What do you need to consider when starting a business?

    MEB Tutorial 1


    Business or liberal profession?

    When do you run a business and when does an entrepreneur belong to a liberal profession?

    MEB Tutorial 2


    Marketing mix

    What is a marketing mix – and what should your marketing mix look like?

    MEB Tutorial 3


    Business model

    How do you develop a business model?

    MEB Tutorial 4


    Business plan – written presentation

    What should be in the written part of the business plan presentation?

    MEB Tutorial 5


    Business plan – financial section

    What does the financial section of the business plan look like?

    MEB Tutorial 6


    Social insurance

    How do you make sure you have adequate social insurance when you start a business?

    MEB Tutorial 7

    Choice of legal structure

    Which legal structure is right for me?

    MEB Tutorial 8


    Overview of tax issues

    Who pays what taxes?

    MEB Tutorial 9


    Finance, support and subsidies

    How do you fund or find subsidies for your new business?

    MEB Tutorial 10


    Munich Business Startup Office (MEB)

    Have you heard of the Munich Business Startup Office – which also goes by the German acronym of MEB?

    MEB Tutorial 11


    Company insurance

    What company insurance do you need if you are self-employed?

    MEB Tutorial 12


    Startup grant

    What is a startup grant and how do you apply for one?

    MEB Tutorial 13


    Starting a sideline business

    What do you need to know when starting a sideline business?

    MEB Tutorial 14


    Choosing your location

    Where is the best place to set up your business?

    MEB Tutorial 15


    Munich Business Startup Office or MEB

    Our information and advisory services

    You are welcome to call or send us an email to clarify individual questions.

    Phone: 089 2332 1759 Talk times Monday to Thursday from 13:00
    e-mail: meb@muenchen.de

    The Munich Business Startup Office or MEB is a joint initiative of the City of Munich and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria.


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