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Sustainable business development

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Programms, consulting and best practice

To promote sustainable business development, the Department of Economic Development offers two programs – ECOPROFIT (ÖKOPROFIT) and Corporate Mobility Management (BMM) – plus an array of consulting services and best practice examples.

The aim is to cultivate ecofriendly business practices and conserve resources.

ECOPROFIT (ecology projects for integrated environmental engineering)

  • Development of activities focused on corporate resource management to ease the burden on the environment and cut costs

  • Professional advice provided by external consultants to corporate members

Corporate Mobility Management (BMM)

  • Program to promote cost- and fuel-optimized business and personal travel and transport in a corporate context

  • Joint development of activities to promote ecofriendly and efficient mobility


Department of Labor and Economic Development

Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 15
80331 München

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