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Sustainable economic development

ECOPROFIT is a programme for sustainable economic development originally designed by the Environmental Department of the City of Graz, Austria in 1991. It is especially suited for greening small and medium enterprises and has found widespread European and international diffusion.

ECOPROFIT (ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental Technology) is an international registered and copyrighted trademark. Project managers are allowed to use the trademark and the associated programme through a licence agreement.

Munich's active part

In Germany the diffusion of ECOPROFIT is quite a success story. Ever since the first ECOPROFIT workshop held in Munich in 1998, more than 100 cities and more than 4.000 companies have successfully implemented ECOPROFIT programmes. Munich takes the active part of counseling and giving advice to other cities, Agenda 21-initiatives and companies. The City of Munich is coordinating the ECOPROFIT network in Germany and is handing out updated and extended materials for use in workshops and for submission by the participating companies.

New video

Below please find our new video. It gives you an overview of the opportunities offered by ECOPROFIT and explains why it's the ideal program for companies, town councils and business partners to start an environmental management!

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What is Ecoprofit? Introductory video, 1.37 min
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Saving resources and cutting costs

ECOPROFIT supports the development of activities focused on corporate energy and resource management to ease the burden on the environment and cut costs. It is operated as public-private partnership: First, local authorities join the ECOPROFIT initiative. In a second step, local firms sign a co-operation contract with an external consultant. This strong co-operation between local authorities, businesses and consultants enables an effective flow of information and promotes proactive environmental strategies.

Well-established in environmental management

The programme is the leading product within existing environmental management approaches and has been accepted as a pre-stage to a full audit according to the Eco Management and Audit Scheme III. Its service covers the full variety of environmental aspects like water, waste and mobility management as well as air pollution and energy and climate issues. Very importantly, as part of the programme a check with legal requirements in the field of energy and the environment is provided.

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Development perspective

Further development of the project is of key importance. As a reaction to the wishes of project participants, special programmes were developed for tourism, for small businesses with less than 10 employees, and to promote energy efficiency.

Each year the participating local authorities meet and discuss new ideas. Also, each year the material for use in the workshops and for submission by the participating companies is updated and extended. Due to the rising importance of energy and climate aspects, energy topics have been strengthened within the framework of ECOPROFIT in Germany.

Economically speaking, ECOPROFIT is a low-cost CO2 abatement programme. For example, calculations for the City of Munich show consultancy costs being as low as 0.20 € per tonne of CO2 on average. Each year more than 14.000 t of CO2 are avoided by the ECOPROFIT scheme in Munich.

Eco-innovation network

An important factor in the success of ECOPROFIT are standardised common training programmes and networking platforms. The development of environmental measures is achieved in workshop sessions and direct visits of the consultants in the participating firms. The free exchange of information between companies works as an engine for the individual development of environmental and climate protection measures. Simultaneously this exchange is the unique selling proposition of ECOPROFIT. As an eco-innovation network it promotes proactive environmental strategies of small and medium enterprises. In particular, the ECOPROFIT club is recognised as an opportunity to ensure continuous learning in the field of the environment, monitor future opportunities for eco-innovation of products, production and organisational processes and to expand the business network.

Economic and ecological gain

As both an economically and ecologically successful local business instrument the implementation of ECOPROFIT is recommended on a wider European level.


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