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Europe Direct Information Center

Ein Foto des Raumes, wo das Europe Direct München im Gasteig zu finden ist.  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
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Information relating to the EU

The Europe Direct Information Center for Munich provides local residents with a valuable repository of information relating to the EU. Topics covered include travel, work, relocation, insurance, rights, development programs and the history and institutions of the EU.

Mail our experts, call them or visit us in person. For all the details (in German only), go here:
Europe Direct Information Center

A nurse wants to find work in Sweden. A schoolgirl has to write an essay about the expansion of the EU. A pensioner has to pay health insurance contributions in Germany and Spain… The questions that arise in relation to this kind of situation are answered by the Europe Direct Information Center for Munich. Simply contact our experts. They will be happy to advise you and help you with issues such as consumer protection, the recognition of professional/vocational qualifications and EU exchange programs too. We have also prepared a wealth of information material for you. In addition, the Europe Direct Information Center hosts regular events dealing with EU-related topics. Why not stop by and see for yourself? Our expert team is based at the Munich Stadtbibliothek (library) in the Gasteig cultural center.

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