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Project sponsorship with Subotica

Schlüsselübergabe: Mehrere Feuerwehrfahrzeuge hat die Landeshauptstadt München zum günstigst möglichen Preis an die Feuerwehr von Subotica verkauft. Rechts: Marion Lich, Leiterin des Büros für Rückkehrhilfen im Amt für Wohnen und Migration  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.

Since 2000 Munich ist connected with Subotica in Serbia

Since the year 2000, the Bavarian State capital and the Serbian municipality of Subotica have been connected. The economic and social situation in Serbia remains critical. Many people are dependent on humanitarian aid so that this is the focus of the sponsorship up until today. Additionally, diverse activities regarding cultural and youth exchange and regarding economic development have developed.

Subotica with its 150,000 inhabitants is situated in the North of Serbia, at the border with Hungary. In 1998, the Federal Foreign Office asked German cities to support municipalities in former Yugoslavia in their quest for democratisation and self-government. With Subotica, Munich selected a municipality whose society is characterised by cultural diversity and tolerance.

Munich supports the city regarding the maintenance and the expansion of the municipal provision of basic services. Municipal facilities, in particular the fire department, the hospitals and the waste management company, provide vehicles and inventory. The Bavarian Red Cross delivers donated goods to schools, hospitals and social facilities.

Munich-based associtions and volunteers organise holiday camps for children in need, youth encounters and streetball tournaments. Cultural exchange is promoted by means of reciprocal exhibitions and music events . Enabling business networking is also important for Subotica, for instance by regularly participating in the trade fair EXPOREAL.