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Water and environmental protection in Romania

Fachkräfte aus München und Timisoara in Rumänien tauschen sich zu Fragen der Wasserversorgung aus.  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.

by qualifying skilled workers from the fields of water and waste

The Munich Stadtentwässerung and the Romanian water supplier and sewage disposal firm “Aquatim Timisoara” created a foundation in Romania to qualify skilled workers from the fields of water, wastewater and waste. Already before the founding of the company partnership between the wastewater management companies “Münchner Stadtentwässerung” and “Aquatim Timisoara”in January 2006, there was frequent contact: Munich not only supported the procurement of required tools and machines, but also organised individual study visits for Romanian specialists.

In order to maintain and expand the successes already achieved, in March 2009, the agreement establishing the water foundation “Aquademica” was signed in the Romanian city of Timisoara. The foundation offers subject-specific qualification measures nationwide: In addition to the training of technicians from the water and wastewater areas, also the administrative civil servants working in the Romanian water management should have access to opportunities regarding further training and education. In the meantime, the range of the foundation has expanded by adding business courses and courses regarding the topic of waste management for which, among others, the waste management company Munich (Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München / AWM) could be gained as a partner.

For this purpose, instructors from Munich train employees of Aquademica so that they can offer courses themselves. The foundation's premises were provided by the Romanian colleagues. By now, courses regularly take place on two days per month. The course content is coordinated with the Romanian water utilities and waste management companies and adjusted as required. In this way, 400 – 450 participants are professionally trained annually regarding specific topics. Two technical German-Romanian dictionaries for water resource and waste management could be published due to external support. The institution for training and continuing education does not generate a profit, but is self-financing. Income is generated due to low – adjusted to the average Romanian salary – course fees as well as due to membership fees by German companies.

In addition to the ongoing cooperation with German and Romanian ministries for the environment, local operators, research organisations and universities also other German municipalities contribute. So, for instance, experts from the Bavarian Forest and from Ingolstadt participate with teaching units in the field of water supply.

The foundation is by now so well-established that it serves as a platform for the international conference “Eco-Impuls” regarding wastewater, drinking water, waste and renewable energies and taking place annually since 2012.

Inspired by the Munich „Tag der Daseinsvorsorge“, Aquademica annually organises a similar event in Timisoara.