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Offers for Employers

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Welcome to AMIGA!

Are you in need of highly qualified specialist in a field of work? Would you like to contribute to the pool of highly qualified international job seekers and take advantage of what it has to offer?

Use What AMIGA Provides:

  • Information and Counsel on AMIGA Target Groups
    Who are these international highly qualified specialists in their field of work, and what kind of work profile do they have?
  • Recruiting
    We tailor your needs to specific members of our target group who meet your Job requirements, all at no cost to you, so you can easily take advantage of our services.
  • AMIGA - Company visits and Excursions:
    AMIGA organises company visits and excursions so that our participants can get to know the companies; and the employers get to know our candidates. They can find out information about internship opportunities, and chances of employment after graduation, or a chance to work on their graduate theses.

    We have at your disposal, a rich pool of International students, University Graduates, who are ready to contribute to your company via an Internship program or work on their graduate thesis as a working student/trainee. This gives you the opportunity to test the suitability of a potential applicant for a vacant position in your company while circumventing some of the bureaucratic hurdles that comes with it  
  • AMIGA as a strategic partner when dealing with Corporate Volunteering Programs
  • Intercultural Training/Seminars
  • Information on legal and organizational questions, as well as qualification offers.




Please contact us for all your international staffing needs:

Martina Dafinger

Project Manager
Contact for Employers

mail to:  Martina Dafinger