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AMIGA Project information

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AMIGA – Working together: An active approach to the labor market

In pursuit of this goal, the AMIGA project helps qualified migrants to enter the Munich labor market and find employment in keeping with their qualifications. Munich needs well-educated and well-trained labor – and qualified migrants in Munich need good jobs.

AMIGA stands for “Active MIGrAnts in the Local Labor Market”.

AMIGA puts the potential afforded by qualified migrants to good use for the Munich labor market, promotes dialogue between employers and the target group, and develops strategies for the latter's successful integration in the labor market.
To make it easier for qualified migrants to enter (or re-enter) the labor market, AMIGA has put together a package of services for its target group: qualification offers, seminars on topics relating to the labor market, and job fairs. In addition, AMIGA provides information about other relevant events and services made available in Munich.
Who can take part? AMIGA targets qualified migrants who are seeking employment, international students and graduates of Munich's universities, and migrants who are keen to take up self-employment.

Further information:
AMIGA Infoflyer EN (PDF, 3579 KB)



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AMIGA expert panels: Involvement of local government organizations

Three panels of experts provide advice to the project and formulate strategies to help the target groups play an active part in the labor market:

  • Expert panel 1: Qualified migrants with barriers to employment, Coordination: Elvira Ganß, Employment Agency Munich
  • Expert panel 2 : International students and graduates of local universities, Coordination: Klaus Stechmüller, Department of Public Order, City of Munich
  • Expert panel 3: Migrants who are interested in starting a business, Coordination: Petra Frommel, Department of Labor and Economic Development, City of Munich

Collaboration with the AMIGA cooperation partners seeks to establish ever more closely linked networks and encourage fruitful dialogue on the following topics:
Bundling and publicizing existing activities for the three project target groups in Munich
Evaluating the success of existing offerings
Developing strategies and recommendations for action to help integrate the target groups in the labor market.


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Community Managers

Three specially trained experts with a migration background work for AMIGA as “Community Manager”. They serve as the mouthpiece for and intermediary between institutions and the target groups. Their job is to reach and forge links between the target groups, give them access to the information they need, and cultivate lasting relationships with migrant communities.

AMIGA MIA (Mobile Informationsarbeit)

Mobile information centers

AMIGA mobile information centers orient job seekers in finding career counseling and informational events in various places.

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AMIGA transnational publication

The publication informs about the strategies for the integration of (qualified) migrants in the local labor market, which have been locally developed and implemented by the former project partners from Munich and Poznan. It presents the focal points of the transnational exchange and recommendations derived from project practice within the former project period: 2013-2015.

You can download the publication here (4 MB):


The project is managed by GründerRegio M e.V.

Project leader:
Andra Barboni
Tulbeckstraße 32
80339 München

Phone: 0 89 / 51 91 98 73

The project is coordinated by the Department of Labor and Economic Development
Dr. Magdalena Ziolek-Skrzypczak

Would you like to be involved? If so, please mail us at:

AMIGA is supported by the Munich Employment and Qualification Program (MBQ), which is operated by the City of Munich.

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