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Development of skills and expertise in companies and industries

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Advice and assistance programs

A successful employment policy must be tailored to local economic conditions. That is why we both support groups who are at a disadvantage on the Munich labor market and assist small and medium-sized companies that demonstrate upside growth and employment potential.

Our advice and assistance programs help companies in Munich to sharpen their competitive edge. Training, personnel development activities and flexible worktime models have become important building blocks in forward-looking strategies for modern companies. By providing tailor-made support, we therefore not only help protect jobs but also contribute to driving growth in employment.

Migrant economy

Munich boasts a successful economy. One of its many factors of success is the large number of companies that are run by migrant entrepreneurs.

Munich currently has over 12,000 self-employed persons from migration backgrounds who together employ around 100,000 people. These employers have long since no longer been restricted to special market niches: Today, their business activities reach into every aspect of the city's economic life.

Migrant companies are an important target group for the Munich Employment and Qualification Program (MBQ). Our specially tailored assistance programs help these companies to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, realize a stable business and assert themselves on the market in the long run. Once a year, we also present the PhoenixPrize for exceptional performance by the founders and owners of migrant companies.