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EU Citizens, Citizens of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and their Families

(1) EU Citizens and Citizens of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland

EU citizens and citizens of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not need a visa to enter Germany and do not need to apply for a residence permit. However all Munich residents have to register.

Right of Residence

Generally you have the right to move and reside freely within the EU Member States. According to the law in Germany you have the right to reside here particularly, if you are

  • employed
  • in vocational training
  • looking for employment (for a period of up to six months)
  • working self-employed (with commercial establishment)
  • unemployed but with adequate health insurance coverage and sufficient means of subsistence
  • a family member accompanying or joining a Union citizen
  • a Union citizen or family member with a permanent right of residence

Please note:
On request we used to issue an official certificate confirming your right to stay in Germany (a so-called „Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung“). However, this certificate was abolished by a change in law in January 2013.

Residence Registration

When moving to Munich to take up residence, you are obliged to register your address within two weeks of your arrival. The Residence Registration Office in Munich is called "Bürgerbüro". You will receive a written confirmation of registration. This proof of registration ist often required by other institutions or authorities.

Working in Germany

EU citizens do not need a work permit. If you intend to work self-employed you should contact the Business LIcensing Office (Gewerbebehörde) at the Department of Public Order (Kreisverwaltungsreferat) to find out, if you need to register your business.

Right of Permanent Residence

After a five-year period of continuous and legal residence you acquire the right of permanent residence. You may apply for a permanent residence document atttesting this right. This document has purely declaratory value.

You need to apply in person with the following documents:

  • completed application form
  • valid passport or ID
  • a recent biometric passport photograph (photo booth available at our offices)
  • In some cases additional documents may be required.

Fee: 8 euros

Losing your right of permanent residence

Longer periods of absence may challenge your right of permanent residence. The right of permanent residence is lost in the event of more than two years' absence from the host Member State. If you hold a permanent residence document it will lose its validity.

(2) Family Members (who are themselves Union citizens or citizens of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland)

Our information for EU nationals (see above) also applies to their family members with EU nationality who accompany or join them.
Family members who are nationals of an EU Member State, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland, don't need a visa and don't have to apply for a residence permit. But like all Munich residents, they have to register.

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