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Registration and De-registration of Residency

Online appointments

In our Residence Registration Offices Bürgerbüros you have to book online an appointment.

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Residence Registration

When moving to Munich to take up permanent residence (staying for more than three months), you must register your address within two weeks of your arrival.

The Citizens Office in Munich is called "Bürgerbüro". It is part of the Department of Public Order (Kreisverwaltungsreferat or KVR) and has six office locations within the City of Munich. You may choose the office that has the most convenient location for you. All office locations are listed in our address-sheet "Bürgerbüro" (as provided under "Downloads").

You need to register in person or you may give another person a letter of authorisation to register on your behalf. For the registration  we need your valid passport or identification card. In addition you need to present a written confirmation by your landlord or property owner. This so-called "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" is provided below under "Downloads" and has to be filled out and signed by the landlord or property owner of your accommodation.

If you authorise another person they have to present your authorisation letter, their passports or identity cards, your passport or identity card, the Registration Form filled out and signed by you (the form is provided below under "Downloads") and the so-called "Wohungsgeberbestätigung", filled out and signed by the landlord or owner of your accommodation.

You will receive a written confirmation of registration.This proof of registration is often required by other institutions or authorities.

Change of Address

Each subsequent change of address within Munich must also be registered with the Bürgerbüro. You need to register in person or you may authorize another person to register for you.


No de-registration is needed when you move to a different city within Germany. In this case your registration at your new place of residence will automatically initial your de-registration in Munich.

De-registration is only required when you leave Munich to move to another country. In this case please use the "De-Registration Form" as provided under "Downloads".

Primary or Secondary Residence

If you have registered more than one place of residence in Germany, you need to determine which is your primary and which is your secondary place of residence.

Please use the form "Several Places of Residence" (as provided under "Downloads") to declare whether your additional address in Munich is your first or secondary place of residence.

Restricting Information Disclosure

The information submitted in a registration form is generally shared with other public institutions, for example telephone directories or political parties. If you want to prevent this sharing of information we recommend that you fill out the form "Restricting Information Disclosure" (as provided under "Downloads").


Landeshauptstadt München

Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR)
Hauptabteilung II Bürgerangelegenheiten

Ruppertstraße 19
80337 München

089 233-45371

Landeshauptstadt München
Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR)
Hauptabteilung II Bürgerangelegenheiten
Ruppertstr. 19
80466 München


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