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Munich Low emission Zone

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Overview for vehicle owners

Since October 1, 2008, Munich has a low emission zone. High-emission
vehicles are no longer allowed to drive into the city centre. A sticker is
required to prove that your vehicle fulfills the EU exhaust standards.

The regulation covers all automobiles, buses, motor homes and trucks. Low emission zones are marked with traffic signs and additional signs. Vehicles are categorised into emissions groups according to their particulate emissions and they receive a sticker in the colour marking the respective emissions group:

  • red for emissions group 2
  • yellow for emissions group 3
  • and green for emissions group 4.

Map low emission zone (PDF, 203 KB)

Only vehicles displaying the required stickers may enter low emission zones. Since October 1, 2008 vehicles without a sticker are no longer allowed to enter the city centre, since October 1, 2010 vehicles with a red sticker can't drive into the city centre any more. Starting from October 1, vehicles with a yellow sticker can't drive into the city centre any more. Only vehicles with a green sticker than are allowed to drive into the city centre of Munich.

Where to obtain emissions-control windscreen stickers

Stickers can be obtained from the local licensing administration or other competent bodies designated under federal state law. Another option is to go to bodies authorised to carry out exhaust emission tests (garages, service stations with garages and inspection agencies such as Dekra and TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) in Germany or even their offices abroad).

Online Ordering System for Vehicles Licensed Abroad