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The Mentoring Partnership

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Help for qualified migrants to enter the labor market

The Mentoring Partnership builds a working relationship between qualified migrants (mentees) and established professionals (mentors).

In light of the forecast shortage of qualified labor in future, it is important to respond proactively and develop strategies that will help counteract this trend. One very significant source of potential is provided by qualified migrants who bring a good education, career experience and language skills with them from their home countries. Often, however, these people lack the professional contacts and the knowledge of local conditions that they need to succeed on the German labor market. The Mentoring Partnership can plug precisely these gaps – and open up new prospects.

Aims of the Mentoring Partnership

  • To integrate qualified migrants in the German labor market
  • To counteract the shortage of qualified labor by cultivating existing potential
  • To overcome prejudices and build networks of contacts for qualified migrants
  • To make efficient use of international skills in order to help shape international competition


The Mentoring Partnership focuses primarily on two-way relationships that foster positive development for both mentee and mentor. Inspired by Canada's successful model ”The Mentoring Partnership” , the project is being implemented in Augsburg by Tür an Tür - Integrationsprojekte GmbH and in Munich by the local government:

The Mentoring Partnership is a subproject of MigraNet and the IQ Landesnetzwerk Bayern.


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