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Town Foundation Festival

Stelzengeher am Marienplatz vor dem Neuen Rathaus  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
© Bernd Roemmelt

Town Foundation Festival

Happy Birthday Munich! Every year, the city is celebrating its anniversary with many attractions for tourists and locals.

The origin of Munich goes back to the 8th century and to a tiny monastic settlement known as "bei den Munichen", which is to say: by the monks. However, the actual founder of Munich is Duke Henry the Lion. He destroyed a toll bridge over the Isar near Föhring and then built another one in "Munichen" where he collected his own tolls. Henry's act was finally publicly recognized, thus giving Munich its official "date of birth": June 14th, 1158.

The City of Munich is celebrating this anniversary with a 2-day festival for its citizens and visitors. During the two days Marienplatz will offer many attractions, e.g. a stage with perfomances of musicians, dancers and other artists, a craftsmen market and a special area for children. In 2017 the festival takes place on 17th/18th June.


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