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New business or investments

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Simply business – your new base in Munich

Would you like to see what Munich has to offer as a new base for your company? Are you thinking of opening a new branch office?

Via the business promotion agency of local government, foreign companies interested in a presence in Munich can quickly find initial orientation and get in touch with people who can answer their specific questions. Munich's local government is big, so being shown the way straight to the right places can save you a lot of precious time.

Who can answer your questions at the City of Munich?

Point of Single Contact
Initial port of call for all business questions and corporate callers. Will pass you on to whoever can help best.

Startup assistance

Looking for office space?
You may want to consider renting flexible office premises at a co-working space or a start-up center in the initial phase of your activities.

Business relations
This is the point of contact if you need information regarding business networks, economical structure and international relations.

If you have any other questions relating to business in Munich, the team at the Economic Development unit will be happy to help you.

We are the professional partner by your side to help you gain a foothold and then grow and develop your company in Munich.

The City of Munich's Department of Labor and Economic Development looks forward to welcoming you to Munich!


Department of Labor and Economic Development

Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 15
80331 München