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Checklists for starting a business in Munich

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Step-by-step guidelines plus video tutorials - to help you get everything set up

If you're planning to start your own business in Munich, we suggest you work with these checklists. They offer step-by-step guidance for the most frequent requirements: general formalities to begin self-employment, the steps needed to start a retail business and the steps needed to start a catering business or your own restaurant.

A separate checklist provides guidelines for the commercial use of premises or real estate.

If you follow the steps we suggest, you are unlikely to overlook anything important. Our video tutorials in English add to the information provided and will help you understand and memorize some of the more complex issues involved.

General formalities and considerations

Checklist: Starting a business – General formalities and considerations (pdf, 128 KB)

Take this comprehensive tour and you'll assemble your entrepreneurial basics: It covers your entrepreneurial role, required licenses, your choice of a legal structure, tax issues, insurance and a template for your business plan and forecast.

How to start a restaurant business

Checklist: How to start a restaurant business (pdf, 109 KB)

Running a restaurant is a creative, social and cross-cultural activity that fits in perfectly with Munich's very international catering scene. This checklist outlines important things to look out for to successfully avoid pitfalls in areas such as licenses, health/hygiene instructions and public order regulations.

Setting up a retail business

Checklist: Setting up a retail business (pdf, 111 KB)

If you're planning to start out in retail, this list summarizes the registration requirements, tells you where you can get them and details the fees you will have to pay to get started.

Commercial use of premises

Checklist: Commercial use of premises (pdf, 98 KB)

Depending on your business, you may need to resolve technical issues and questions about the use of commercial premises. Here are your contacts for construction permits, changes of use and all related matters.


City of Munich's start-up support

The City of Munich's start-up support team also offers free personal consulting and advice. They can help you in English, Spanish and German. Feel free to take advantage of this offer and talk to our team, especially if there are things you don't understand, or if you would like to receive feedback from someone with local contacts or more experience.

We wish you all the best in launching a successful business in Munich!


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