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Coworking in Munich

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Offices for flexible work needs

Co-working spaces are much in demand in Munich – among digital nomads, of course, but also for flexible office solutions. The international networks operated by larger providers can also be useful.

Alongside the local community offices that have been around for some time, international offerings and variants such as Mindspace, Mates, Design Offices and Smartvillage are now also springing up. In Munich, these larger-scale providers already have a presence at several locations, including the inner city.

Offices of up to 150 m² with flexible rental contracts, all the necessary infrastructure and an array of business services often also feature conference facilities, a cafeteria – and even links to like-minded people in the same industry. In some cases, customers become members and can use the provider's facilities for work and/or meetings in other cities too, at no extra cost.

Brief overview of co-working spaces

If you are looking for flexible co-working offices, we have provided a brief overview of what is available in Munich to speed things up and make life easier for you. Key providers, prices and contact details are outlined in our 15-page Co-Working Space Bulletin (PDF, 2 MB). The bulletin lays no claim to completeness but is updated on a regular basis.

Office space with no add-on services?

Are you looking for small office units that you can rent directly, with no add-on services? The corporate customer care team at Munich's Economic Development unit can send you a list of suggestions. Please contact us at business@muenchen.de.