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From tech idea to prototype in 72 hours

Teilnehmer beim Techfest Munich 2017  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
© Bert Willer, UnternehmerTUM


(September 13, 2017) On the second weekend in September, innovative talents with a penchant for experimentation once again thronged to the Bavarian capital for this year's TECHFEST MUNICH. Teams selected by organizer UnternehmerTUM set to work on their ideas and used the latest technologies to develop initial prototypes and AI applications.

72 hours of hacking, prototyping, workshops and partying

The format piloted last year for the first time by UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), again encouraged the spirit of experimentation and innovation at this year's TECHFEST.

Cutting-edge technologies such as HoloLenses (mixed reality smartglasses), Arduinos (flexible computer platforms comprising software and hardware parts) and the machinery installed at the MakerSpace helped the teams to quickly build prototypes and a first crop of working products.

A pair of augmented reality welding goggles, a digital milk maid that shows when the milk has turned sour, a smart cool box to ensure a seamless cold chain during food transportation and an AR application that teaches children the basics of electronics: These are but a few of the 69 ideas and projects that were tackled in earnest in Munich.

TECHFEST 2017 attracted more partners and participants than in the previous year. The latest event devoted itself to new topics such as the smart home, smart packaging and smart manufacturing.

This year's TECHFEST was also the first to open its doors to the general public. Talks on IoT prototyping and AI applications delivered fascinating insights on the Saturday, while a TECHSLAM featuring pitches from the teams brought the event to a fitting climax on the Sunday.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

The TECHFEST evolved out of traditional hackathons – such as HackZurich – that originally focused on programming. By contrast, TECHFEST MUNICH specifically aims to bring together interdisciplinary teams of hackers, designers, tech enthusiasts and artists from around the globe. Here, they all find a suitable infrastructure that can be put to excellent use.

After such a successful second round, TECHFEST 2018 is already a done deal, although next year's event will come a little earlier in the year: The next TECHFEST will be held from June 15-17, 2018.

Munich start-up ecosystem

Even after the TECHFEST, UnternehmerTUM seeks to stay in touch with the participants and help them develop their ideas and get them market-ready. To this end, the TUM affiliate provides a unique infrastructure for start-ups, complete with seminars, lectures and programs. Start-ups also benefit from the latest insights into start-up support gained by the chairs of the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute.

UnternehmerTUM, an important element of Munich's broad-based and highly diverse start-up ecosystem, engages in intensive dialogue with scientific institutes and companies with a strong focus on research and innovation in all industries.

TECHFEST MUNICH is supported by the Department of Labor and Economic Development and the start-up portal Munich Startup.

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Impressions of TECHFEST 2017 – An aftermovie by UnternehmerTUM
Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer beim TECHFEST MUNICH 2017 Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung in einer Diashow.

Techfest 2017

Ruhezone Hängematte beim Techfest Munich 2017 Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung in einer Diashow.

Techfest 2017