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Coworking hubs in Europe

Innenaufnahme aus dem Coworking-Space Oskar von Wework in München: Theke, Sitzgruppe, 5 Personen  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
WeWork's second Munich "Oskar" space opened in mid-2018.
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Munich and Berlin in the top ten

(April 11, 2019) Are coworking facilities in the Bavarian capital poised for further expansion? Looking at Germany as a whole, the property consultants at Cushman & Wakefield see Munich ahead of Berlin – the two key reasons being Munich's IT industry and the pool of skilled and specialized labor available in the region.

London, Paris and Stockholm came top of the European coworking study. Alongside space potential, the property consultants also evaluated four other criteria: market size, business environment, labor pool and catalysts. The latter include factors such as the number of startup companies and accelerators in the local entrepreneurial community, plus the level of online-based collaboration.

Munich occupies sixth position in the coworking ranking table, just ahead of Berlin in seventh place. One crucial factor here was the Bavarian capital's IT sector, which features industry heavyweights such as Alibaba, Google, IBM and Microsoft. Another was the strong focus on IT and MINT courses at the city's universities. These disciplines are especially open to coworking, with the majority of European coworking users operating in the information and communication technology (ITC) segment. While Munich and Berlin are neck and neck in other areas, the study sees Berlin's pool of ITC expertise as “relatively minor” compared to that of other European hubs.

Munich also has 20.6 million m2 of office space in total – the largest volume of any leading German property market.

132,100 m2 of coworking space in Munich

More space, international providers: The trend toward more coworking offices gathered considerable momentum in Munich in 2018. Current coworking space totals 132,100 m2, while a further 61,200 m2 is planned. In terms of space alone, that puts Munich in second place – behind Berlin (300,000 m2, of which 200,100 m2 is available today and 99,700 m2 is planned) and ahead of Frankfurt/Main (where 82,600 m2 is available today and 49,700 m2 is planned).

Brief overview of co-working spaces

If you are looking for flexible co-working offices, we have provided a brief overview of what is available in Munich to speed things up and make life easier for you. Key providers, prices and contact details are outlined in our 15-page Co-Working Space Bulletin (PDF, 2 MB). The bulletin lays no claim to completeness but is updated on a regular basis.

Ehemaliges Siemensforum am Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 20, Eingangsrotunde Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung in einer Diashow.


Tisch mit 3 Personen und grüne Regalwand bei Mindspace in München Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung in einer Diashow.

Mindspace München

Coworking - Räume in München, hier: smartvillage, Winzererstrasse Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung in einer Diashow.

Coworking in München