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Coworking in Munich

Coworking - Räume in München, hier: smartvillage, Winzererstrasse  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
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“Coworking” commercial space info lists locations and providers

(May 30, 2017) Digital workplaces are the key to renting coworking space. If you enjoy this kind of mobility, you can now touch down wherever you like in Munich and get straight to work. Many of these spaces are flanked by conference rooms and cafeterias, as well as granting access to specific industries and a like-minded environment.

Relevant offerings and variations on the theme have sprung up all over Munich in the past two years. Providers such as Mindspace, Mates, Design Offices and Smartvillage offer attractive city-center locations that, up to now, have been mostly off limits for smaller firms and the self-employed.

And their ventures are clearly meeting with success: A number of providers have announced plans to enlarge existing spaces or open new ones in the course of the year.

Our 14-page commercial space info on "Coworking" presents a clear overview of what is currently available on the market, complete with prices and contact data. The bulletin is regularly updated (but lays no claim to completeness).