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ECOPROFIT celebrates 20th anniversary

Gruppe der Einsteiger-Betriebe bei ÖKOPROFIT 2018 auf der Bühne  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
Newcomers to ECOPROFIT in 2017/2018
© Andreas Gebert, LHM

20 years' ECOPROFIT in Munich and Germany

(Nov 9, 2018) The ECOPROFIT environmental advisory and sustainability program yesterday celebrated its anniversary: For 20 years, the City of Munich has been awarding ECOPROFIT certificates to companies that participate in the program and advising municipalities all over Germany that are keen to launch ECOPROFIT.

At the ceremony in the forum of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Academy, Stephanie Jacobs, head of the Department of Health and the Environment, joined Kurt Kapp, acting head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development, in looking back on 20 successful years of ECOPROFIT in Munich and Germany.

2017/2018 ECOPROFIT round concluded

The results achieved by the 77 ECOPROFIT companies in Munich this year are once again impressive. Around five million kilowatt-hours of electricity, thermal energy and process energy were saved, alongside fuel and 4,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The monetary value of all these savings was nearly EUR 1.5 million.

Since 1998, Munich has certified 296 ECOPROFIT companies, each of which has improved its energy and material efficiency year after year thanks to a wide variety of measures. Neither the industry nor the size of the firm are important. In 2017/18, for example, Munich invited fairground companies to take part in a round of ECOPROFIT that was specially designed to cater to the needs of beer tent operators and itinerant shows.

In spring 2019, a new round will be launched for newcomers to ECOPROFIT, while participants from previous rounds are naturally welcome to continue their own activities as part of the ECOPROFIT Club.

Professor Gerhard Haszprunar als Redner beim ÖKOPROFIT Jubiläum 2018  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
Prof. G. Haszprunar talked about "10 tips for greater biodiversity".
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Companies, too, can fight the extinction of species

The keynote address was delivered by Professor Gerhard Haszprunar, member of the Executive Board of the GeoBio Center at Ludwig Maximilians University and Director-General of Bavaria's Natural Science Collections. His talk on “10 tips for greater biodiversity at home and at work” encouraged those in attendance to adopt a resolute stance in the fight against the extinction of species. His simple, practical tips can also be readily implemented by the corporate community.

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Looking back on 20 successful years of ECOPROFIT in Germany

Since the program was first launched in Munich in 1998, more than 100 municipalities have committed to ECOPROFIT. Nationwide, over 4,000 companies have been certified.

The cumulative savings data published to mark the 20th anniversary of ECOPROFIT in Germany prove that it pays off for companies to participate. Over the past two decades, a total of seven million tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided – equivalent to the storage capacity of nearly 5 percent of Germany's forested areas. Savings of 5 terawatt hours each on the electricity and heating energy consumed would have been enough to keep 22,000 apartments warm for 20 years. Fuel savings of roughly 880 million kilowatt-hours make for similarly impressive reading. Yet mitigating climate change and protecting the environment also pays economic dividends for ECOPROFIT firms, who have saved a total of EUR 1.1 billion in the past 20 years.