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Representatives for new ECOPROFIT companies 2015/16, © Hans Seidenabel
© Hans Seidenabel / LHM

Profit with environmental protection

(Nov 11, 2016) After successfully completing the ECOPROFIT Munich program 55 local companies received their certificates at the end of the project year. By implementing specific measures, they improved environmental protection and at the same time are saving costs.

In workshops the participating companies dealt with environmentally relevant subjects and were instructed and supported by environmental consultants. They have collected data on the consumption of energy and resources, as well as on the production of waste and emissions in their companies.

The 55 companies which took part in the programme in 2015/2016 implemented a great number of measures. For the final report (pdf, 4.7 MB, in German only), every company was asked to list the annual benefits of their measures.

Total benefits

All in all those measures save 8.9 million kWh of electricity, heat and fuel, which result in an annual avoidance of about 4,600 tons of CO2. Waste production is reduced by 100 tons and, the use of raw materials has decreased by 8.5 tons. As a result, the companies expect savings of nearly 1.9 million Euro.

10 new companies joined ECOPROFIT in 2015. 18 companies carried out ECOPROFIT Energy which was offered for the first time following new energy legislation in Germany. 29 companies participated in the ECOPROFIT club programme and continued to improve their environmental and competitive performance. Two of the club companies simultaneously carried out the ECOPROFIT Energy scheme.

ECOPROFIT offers many benefits to the participating companies. Apart from producing economic savings and enhancing the integration of environmental protection, ECOPROFIT investigates the legal requirements of the companies, which ensures compliance with environmental legislation.

Participating companies will be examined and honored by the city at the end of the project year. The award may be used for public relations.

About ECOPROFIT in Munich

As a pioneer in Germany, the City of Munich started ECOPROFIT (in German ÖKOPROFIT) at the end of 1998, following the example set by the City of Graz, Austria where the programme was developed.

This project for integrated environmental technology is a joint contribution of municipalities, industry and commerce towards sustainable development.

The aim of ECOPROFIT is to improve environmental protection in companies and to save costs at the same time through the implementation of specific measures, e.g. reduction in waste production, emissions, and the consumption of resources and energy.

The City ́s Department of Labor and Economic Development and the Department of Health and Environment are the patrons of the project and have secured basic financing. They have cooperated closely with the Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Industry and Commerce, environmental consultants, the Municipal Energy Supplier, and the Municipal Waste Management Company.

Around 3,000 companies in 100 German cities and counties have participated in ECOPROFIT showing the success of ECOPROFIT. Many more cities have expressed their interest.


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