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Munich-based designer presented with an award

Gesichtsporträt der Modedesignerin Otilia Vlad  Link öffnet eine vergrößerte Darstellung des Bildes.
© Vincenzo Buscemi

Otilia Vlad is Fashion Designer of the Year 2019

(5.7.19) The Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers (VDMD) has awarded the title of “Designer of the Year 2019” to the Munich-based designer Otilia Vlad. She received the coveted title during the Berlin Fashion Week.

Otilia Vlad was also popular during the Munich Fashion Awards 2018. This award represents the next impressive step in her career. 

The presentation took place in the Adlon Hotel. The award was presented by the designer and VDMD Fashion Representative Anja Gockel, who won the award last year; she was joined by Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of IGEDO Düsseldorf. In their laudatory speech, they praised Otilia Vlad’s ability to bring together symbols, values and details into a sculpture made of fabric.

Maison Octavian Otilia Vlad

With her creations, Otilia Vlad wishes to corporealize thoughts, values and opinions. It is this desire that enables her to create very distinctive forms and silhouettes. Vlad was trained as a textile engineer and studied Fashion Design at the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design in Munich. The sustainability of her materials is a topic that she holds in the highest regard. She prefers to work with environmentally-friendly materials from natural sources. She presented her spectacular collection “Frozen” at the Munich Fashion Awards 2018; her inspiration for this collection was ice crystal formations. The artist particularly values working by hand and employing Haute Couture techniques. This enables her to create multidimensional fashion that brings nature, culture, tradition and one’s own identity together in the piece.

VDMD – Netzwerk für Mode.Textil.Interieur.Accessoire.Design e.V.

The VDMD is the strongest professional association of fashion and textile designers in Germany. Its goals include representing the industry to companies, government departments, politicians and to institutions in the field. It also provides specific training courses and promotes recognition and good working environments for the industry.