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Keep me inspired

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Keep me inspired spot, 1:42 min

Video produced by the University of Television and Film and the City of Munich

(Feb 13, 2019) In a brand-new ad, the HFF University of Television and Film showcases an international Munich as a great place to live and work. “Keep me inspired” tells the fast-moving story of how a newcomer to the Bavarian capital experiences a promising array of places and encounters. But will Munich succeed in winning both her head and her heart?

The 102-second spot is the first collaborative project involving Munich's Economic Development and Location Marketing units and the HFF University. Playing with the idea of a “get-to-know-you” app and drawing on images from the worlds of work and leisure, the film picks up on the city's distinctive identity without rehashing traditional Munich clichés. People, activities and forward-looking technologies converge in an inspiring collage.

Places and encounters

In the company of the protagonist, views start out in the Design Offices in Highlight Towers – which also happens to be a Watson hub, focal point of the region's research into artificial intelligence (AI). By bike and by motorbike, the journey continues past BMW Welt and across the Lenbachplatz and Königsplatz. The app brings our inquisitive protagonist into contact with lots of likable people with whom she is quickly on the same page. Vibrant pubs and bars in the Gärtnerplatz district are shown – together with an excursion into the world of virtual reality – as great places to party. One highlight is a date with agile cobot Justin from the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In the spot, the adaptive, collaborative robot, whose 53rd degree of freedom will soon let him fly to Mars or help out around the home, gets to enjoy an off-duty human-machine dance in the Kunstbau annex of the Lenbachhaus.

Directors and team

Emilia Möbus and Michael Ciesielski wrote the script about Munich as an international, innovative business hub. A team of students from the HFF University's Institute for Commercials then received municipal funding to complete the project. Möbus and Ciesielski directed the film, with Karl Kürten in charge of the camerawork. The spot was produced by ArcticFoxFilm Degenhart&Salcher GbR. Story development and production were accompanied by the HFF University's Professor Henning Patzner and his team.

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