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Germany's leading retail venue

The view of big-name real estate consultants is unequivocal: Munich remains Germany's leading retail venue.

Top rents of up to €370/m² (2016) can be realized in premium locations. The city's dominant position can be attributed to a number of key economic factors: First, Munich consistently has had the lowest unemployment rate of any major German city.

In addition, the Bavarian capital boasted per-capita purchasing power of €30,901 in 2016 – more than that of any other major German city. Also two of four administrative districts in Germany with the highest purchasing power – Starnberg (€31,836 per capita) and Munich county (€31,433 per capita) – are in close proximity to the Bavarian capital.

In addition, touristic spending significantly increases Munich's volume of sales in retail. With large shopping areas and a great variety of goods and venues Munich's retail industry is instrumental in making the city an attractive tourist destination. Vice versa tourist spendings are important for old and new stores to keep and expand their business. Overnight visitors in 2016 spend approximately three billion euros in the retail businesses of downtown Munich.

Taken together, these factors were instrumental in giving Munich's Kaufingerstrasse and Neuhauserstrasse once again the highest footfall scores of any of Germany's shopping streets in 2016. Yet its vibrant city center is also complemented by many thriving urban districts that likewise offer a diverse array of shopping options.

All in all, Bavaria's retail industry saw revenues rise by 1.8 % in real terms in 2016. The number of employees in this sector increased by 0.6 % in the same period, with a 0.6 % increase in full-time employment while part-time employment even rose by 1.4 %.


At this point the Munich retail industry is optimistic about 2017. Within the first eight months revenues rose by more than 4 % in real terms. Employment figures in Munich and Bavaria are good and are expected to keep private purchasing power steady. In addition, touristic figures for Bavaria show a new record for the fifth year and strongly support positive development for retail.

Status: November, 2017