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Munich Tourism: Impressive numbers

In 2016, US Americans accounted for the largest number of overnight stays in Munich by foreign nationals (around 835,000), followed by the Gulf states (around 591,000) and UK nationals (around 504,000).

The Bavarian capital currently hosts the largest share of foreign tourists to German cities, having welcomed 49.8% of all visitors to Germany between January and September 2017. Its attractiveness is rooted in its easy accessibility, enviable public safety, excellent shopping facilities and a broad spectrum of sights to see, things to do and nearby venues for excursions.

Review of 2016

For the fifth year in a row, Bavarian tourism posted record figures in 2016, even though Munich itself saw a slight dip of 0.1% push the number of overnight stays down to 14.04 million (-25,000). Tourism numbers in Munich reflected how international media coverage of terror attacks in major European cities and of the tragic killing spree in a Munich shopping center affected international travel patterns. Declining figures between July and October gave way to a phase of consolidation beginning in November. Other factors that influenced the number of foreign guests visiting Munich included economic conditions and/or unfavorable exchange rates – in Italy, the UK and the Gulf states, for example.

Where do they come from?

The domestic tourism market remained very stable in 2016, with overnight stays rising by 3.4% to 7.3 million. Internationally, fast-growing markets such as China and India have for some time been a focus of the city's tourism marketing. In 2016, the increasing number of visitors to Munich underscored the wisdom of these endeavors: In the period under review, the strongest gains were recorded in the number of visitors from Southeast Asia (+10.3%), followed by Scandinavia (+8.6%), France (+6.2%) and China (+1.6%).

Tourism as an economic factor

Munich's 410 commercial hotels and guesthouses have around 69,000 beds, and willingness to invest in the tourist industry remains buoyant. In 2017, twelve new hotel projects with a total of 5,400 beds will be completed.

Year on year, revenue generated by tourism was virtually unchanged at roughly EUR 7.6 billion in 2016. Of this figure, EUR 3.1 billion (41.1%) was accounted for by retail and another EUR 3.1 billion by hotels and restaurants.

Status: November, 2017