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Munich Tourism: Gains and strong domestic upswing

In 2018, US Americans accounted for the largest number of overnight stays in Munich by foreign nationals (around 1.2 million), followed by UK nationals (around 590,000) and Italians (around 584,000).

Tourism in Munich recorded further gains in 2018. 8.3 million arrivals (+6.5 percent) and 17.1 million overnight stays (+9.3 percent) were registered in 2018 across Munich's commercial accommodation facilities that offer ten or more beds.

Guests from abroad all in all generated 8.4 million overnight stays, adding up to around 50 percent of the total. The Bavarian capital remains the German city which receives the highest proportion of foreign tourists.

Munich's attractiveness is rooted in its easy accessibility, enviable public safety, excellent shopping facilities and a broad spectrum of sights to see, things to do and nearby venues for excursions.

Review of 2018

Again in 2018 tourism in Bavaria was on the rise. Munich tourism continued to grow significantly as well. The domestic tourism market showed particularly strong upward momentum with the number of domestic overnight stays rising by 10 percent to a total of 8.8 million year on year.

Where do they come from?

In total, 56 percent of overnight stays were recorded from the DACH markets (made up of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) The European markets (excluding Germany) They generated a total of 4.6 million overnight stays.

Among Asian coutries, most overnight stays were booked by guests from the Gulf States (560.000). Indian travelers recorded the longest length of stay at an average of 3.2 days.

With travel behaviour boosted by a strong dollar and an economic upturn, visitors from the US market recorded 995,000 overnight stays, a substantial rise.

Tourism as an economic factor

20 new hotel projects in Munich were completed in 2018, adding approximately 6.000 new beds. Therefore capacities rose to about 80,000 beds in 450 commercial hotels by the end of the year. At the same time, hotel occupancy rates remained at 76 percent. Willingness to invest in Munich's hotel industry remains very high.

Overall revenue generated by tourism added up to roughly EUR 7.65 billion in 2018. Of this figure, EUR 2.72 billion (35.7 percent) was accounted for by retail, 3.32 million (43.2 percent) by hotels and restaurants and another EUR 1.61 billion by the service sector.

Status: March, 2019

Munich tourism turnover 2018