A Guide to Radio and TV Stations in Munich

Radio, Foto: Smith&Smith/Shutterstock.com
Foto: Smith&Smith/Shutterstock.com

This page gives you a quick overview of TV and radio stations available in Munich, both German and English speaking:

Radio Stations

Bavarian State Radio Stations: Bayerischer Rundfunk
Bayern 1 91.3 (oldies, folk music and reports from Bavaria)
Bayern 2 88.4 (documentaries, news, radio plays)
Bayern 3 97.3 (rock and pop, traffic service)
Bayern 4 103.2 (classical music)
B 5 aktuell 90.0 (news and reports)

Independent and Private Radio Stations:
Charivari 95.5 (rock and pop)
Energy 93.3 (rock and pop)
Radio 2Day 89.0 (rock and pop)
Gong 96.3 (rock and pop)
Antenne Bayern 101.3 (rock and pop)
105.15 Radio Deluxe (cable and digital radio only)
Smooth Jazz, Soft Soul, chill out music without moderation
Radio Feierwerk 92.4 / cable: 96.75
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 7pm (programme specially made by children for children and young people of all ages)

Nationwide Radio Stations:

DeutschlandRadio Berlin 96.8 (mainly news and reports)
Deutschlandfunk 101.7 (mainly news and reports)
Klassik Radio 107.2 (private channel featuring classical music and film scores)

English Speaking Radio Stations:
BBC world service (see link below for frequencies)
Voice of America/Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 1197 short wave

TV Stations

Bavarian State TV:
Bayerisches Fernsehen (reports and documentaries mainly about facts or people connected with Bavaria, films, series, news)

TV München (regional news and weather forecast, horoscopes, sport news, interviews, gossip and daily reports from the Oktoberfest)

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