Andechs Abbey near Munich: Directions, and information

Andechs Abbey: Monastery complex on Lake Ammersee

Surrounding area tip for Munich: The Benedictine abbey of Andechs with its pilgrimage church is located on a hill on the Ammersee.

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Bergstr. 2 , 82346 Andechs

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Note: Die Öffnungszeiten beziehen sich auf die Wallfahrtskirche.

Kloster Andechs am Ammersee
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The "Holy Mountain": Andechs Abbey at a glance

  • Location : on the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee in the Starnberg Five-Lakes Region at an altitude of about 700 meters
  • Places of interest : Pilgrimage church with cloister brewery
  • History : First mentioned in 1080, pilgrimage church since 1423, Benedictine abbey since 1455
  • Pilgrimages : The main time for the approximately 30,000 organized pilgrims per year is the week of the cross around Ascension Day.
  • Getting there: With the S8 to Herrsching, and different buses towards Andechs, Kloster, you can get access to the Abbey and witness how the monks live.


Pilgrimage church and monastery: the main attractions

The landmark of Andechs, visible even from a distance and open for viewing, is the pilgrimage church, which dates back to 1423. Its characteristic onion tower towers 700 meters above sea level, on the highest point of the "Holy Mountain". The interior is a rococo jewel, whose pictorial design was largely the work of Johann Baptist Zimmermann.

In the 15th century the monastery of Andechs was founded, where Benedictines have lived and worked since 1455. In 1669 the monastery was rebuilt and received its baroque form in 1755. The spiritual center Andechs Monastery is considered the oldest place of pilgrimage in Bavaria. Since the monastery receives no subsidies from church taxes, it relies on income from its own brewery.

At a glance

Kloster Andechs

Bergstr. 2
82346 Andechs

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