M-WLAN: Free wireless internet in Munich

Munich WiFi Hotspots & M-WLAN

In Munich, free Wi-Fi is offered at various locations around the city. We explain here which places offer free M-WLAN and how to dial in.

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Wifi Hotspots in Bars and Cafés

Ideal for anyone who needs a fast and free WiFi network at work, in their free time or on a tour of Munich: There are numerous hotspots with the free M-WLAN in Munich, especially in the city center. The WLAN is offered by Stadtwerke München (SWM) with its partners M-net and muenchen.de via two different radio networks:

  • The unencrypted radio network "M-WLAN Free Wi-Fi."
  • The encrypted radio network "M-WLAN Secure Wi-Fi".

In addition, there is also the free WLAN of Eduroam in the city center and at the Munich university locations, which is based on an international initiative of the universities.

Where can I get free Internet in Munich?

Zwei Frauen mit ihren Tablets in der Sendlinger Straße

The free M-WLAN WiFi network can be found in many parts of the city; you can dial in at places such as:

  • Marienplatz
  • Stachus
  • Odeonsplatz
  • Gärtnerplatz
  • Königsplatz
  • Munich Freiheit
  • Sendlinger Tor
  • Theresienwiese
  • Mangfallplatz

In addition, there is also free WLAN at some tram stops, but also in public buildings or schools. In addition, restaurants and cafés also offer free Internet.

How M-WLAN Free Wi-Fi works

With the unencrypted wireless network "M-WLAN Free Wi-Fi," the terms of use must be accepted regularly on a start page. Internet use is then possible. After 120 minutes, there is a forced disconnection and the terms of use must be confirmed again.

A speed limit is active per device to guarantee fair use for all (so-called "fair use policy").

How M-WLAN Secure Wi-Fi works

To use the encrypted wireless network "M-WLAN Secure Wi-Fi," registration with an e-mail address is first required via the "M-WLAN Free Wi-Fi" home page. The personal login data is then sent by e-mail and a maximum of three devices can log in using the same login data.

"M-WLAN Secure Wi-Fi" offers some advantages for regular users: an encrypted wireless connection and automatic login without a start page. A speed limit is also active here per device.

M-WLAN Hotspots in München

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