Maximiliansanlagen: Green park with Angel of Peace

Maximiliansanlagen - a park next to the river Isar

The Maximiliansanlagen (Maximilian Park) offers nature lovers a secluded spot above the Isar on around 30 hectares. The Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) towers high in their midst.

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Max-Planck-Str. , 81675 München

Die Staustufen an den Maximiliansanlagen Hofmann

What makes the Maximiliansanlagen so beautiful

  • The Maximiliansanlagen are located directly on the Isar River and stretch for a length of about two kilometers.
  • The park is a paradise for walkers, joggers and those seeking relaxation.
  • Near the Maximilianeum (Bavarian Parliament) and the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace), you can spend relaxing hours and listen to the impressive soundscape - after all, the Isar roars mightily at the nearby barrages

Maximiliansanlagen: Relaxed stroll along the Isar river

Die Herbstsonne an der Isar genießen Liebich

The borders of the Maximiliansanlagen are the Max-Joseph-Brücke (bridge) in the south and the Ludwigsbrücke to the north. The groups of trees are planted in such a way that a view of the old town is always possible. The impressive column of the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) towers in the center of the park - the landmark has been looking down on the people of Munich since 1899.

On the site of the park, there once used to be a sheep meadow. Between 1856 and 1861, the Maximiliansanlagen were given their current form based on designs by architect Peter Josef Lenné and by Carl von Effner.

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81675 München