Information about services at the stations

Trains for the physically challenged

Here, you find all the information you need about parking, toilets and other facilities for the physically-challenged, in trains and train stations in Munich!

ICE am Hauptbahnhof

Munich Central Station

+++ Munich Central Station is currently being rebuilt. Changes to the barrier-free access are possible at any time. +++

On the platforms and at every underground platform, there are tactile guide rails for the blind. Central Station is served by all S-Bahn and tram line as well as undergrounds U1, U2, U4, U5, U7, and U8. No-barrier access is available.

Public Parking for the Disabled:
• Southern entrance (Bayerstrasse)
• Northern entrance (Arnulfstrasse)

• To the central S-Bahn platform, on the outer edge of the S-Bahn mezzanine, i.e., right next to Starnberg Wing Station (for a maximum of one wheelchair since space is limited)
• On the northern side of Central Station / Arnulfstrasse exit, taking you directly to a taxi rank, to the tracks in the main hall, and the S-Bahn mezzanine
• On the northern side of Central Station / Bayerstrasse exit, taking you directly to the mezzanine, from where there is a separate lift to the underground platform
• At the tram station in front of the former main entrance, taking you to the mezzanine, where you will find two additional lifts taking you to U1/U7 and U2/U8

Help When Boarding and Alighting (free)
1. Central Station Mission (register a minimum of one hour in advance):
Phone +49 / 089/59 45 76 or +49 / 089/59 45 77 or +49 / 089/59 45 78
2. “3s Zentrale Munich Central Station“”, Phone +49 / 089/13081055 (for blind persons)
3. German Railroad Mobility Service
Call +49 / (0)1805/51 25 12

Public Toilets:
(Available free of charge and around the clock)
• Next to the Central Station Mission on platform 11, on the mezzanine (take lift at Arnulfstrasse exit), no beam, assistance available upon request
• On the mezzanine near Rail & Fresh (take lift at Arnulfstrasse exit)
• Night public toilets open from 11:30pm to 6am next to the lift on the 2nd floor, opposite platforms 23/24, available free of charge, beam provided (keys available at the Service Point opposite platforms 18/19; leave official ID as a security deposit)

Click here for a PDF map of Central Station

Features and Services at Central Station

Munich East

Munich East Station (Ostbahnhof) is served by all S-Bahn lines and U5. No-barrier access is available for the S-Bahn and underground.

At Orleansplatz

• Platforms are each equipped with lifts.
• Two no-barrier lifts taking you to the street level:
• At the Friedenstrasse exit (taking you to the Car Terminal area)
• At the station (walkway to the underground / Orleansplatz exit – also takes you to the U5 underground platform
• An additional lift is available at the Sozialreferat on the station’s lower level (between the left luggage office and the lock service). Its door can be opened by hand. The lift takes you to the first floor, with a no-barrier door leading outside (Orleansplatz 11 / main entrance to the station, open from 8am to 6pm)

Public Toilets:
Rail & Fresh– free if you submit a disabled person ID, open from 6am - 11pm

Features and Services at Munich East

Pasing Station

Pasing Station is served by German Railroad regional and national trains as well as the S-Bahn. This is not a no-barrier station.

Parking for the disabled is available on August-Exter-Strasse and at Bahnhofsplatz.

Former baggage lifts are available; you must register at Deutsche Bahn AG’s Mobility Service Centre
Phone: 01805/51 25 12

Features and Services at Pasing Station