Auer Dult

Auer Dult in der Sonne

Three times a year

 The Auer Dult is held three times a year on the square around Mariahilf church and is beside of the Viktualienmarkt one of Munich's oldest markets. The name "Dult" is derived from an old German word meaning "observance". It takes place three times a year. Learn more...

Jumble sale and entertainment

Schiffschaukel auf der Auer Dult, Foto: LHM-RAW/Lukas Barth
Foto: LHM-RAW/Lukas Barth

Nowadays it is one of the major seasonal events in the city: its largest jumble sale and a unique place which you can search for rarities and curiosities from the old days. About 300 stands offer rare books and old prints, haberdashery goods, natural hair and skin care, or Europe's largest selection of china and cooking equipment. Many an authentic traditional garment, be it lederhose or dirndl, has been found here; and if you are lucky, you might find a real treasure.

Children rather appreciate horseback riding, the puppet show, the merry-go-rounds, one of which features a historic organ; teenagers are probably more interested in a ride on the bumper cars or in testing their skills at shooting galleries. Acrobats and clowns entertain all generations just like in the old days.

After all the searching and entertainment, there is nothing like a good, savoury lunch. There are plenty of stalls selling fresh food and drinks: beer, but also fruit juices and fresh coffee, which all go well with traditional Bavarian snacks such as fish-on-a-stick, barbecued sausages and chicken. You'll also find caramelised almonds and plenty of candy.

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Dates and opening hours

Dates for the Auer Dulten in 2020:

Maidult (May Dult)
25 April - 3 May 2019

Jakobidult (St James Dult)
25 July - 2 August 2019

Kirchweihdult (Church Anniversary Dult)
17 October - 25 October 2019

Opening hours
Sales: 10 am - 8 pm (Kirchweihdult: 7 pm)
Entertainment: 10.30 am - 8 pm (Kirchweihdult: 7 pm)
Children's day: reduced prices for children's entertainment on Tuesdays

History of the fair

Die Auer Dult früher, Foto: LHM-RAW

It was orginially a fair in connection with an ecclesiastical celebration, attracting junk dealers, quacks and performers. The meaning of the word, however, changed over the centuries, and today it simply means "fair". "Auer" refers to its location in Munich's borough "Au".

These type of fairs have a long tradition in Munich. They were mentioned for the first time in 1310; in 1796, the Electoral Prince Karl Theodor granted the suburb Au the right to hold a fair twice a year, and since those days there have been "Dulten" regularly. Since 1905, there have been three such fairs a year on Mariahilfplatz.

Official organiser

City of Munich
Department of Labor and Economic Development
80313 Munich
Tel. +49 89 233 82814

Press service

Contact for press, filming and photography permits
Dr. Gabriele Papke
Tel. +49 89 233 82811

Getting there

Tram line 18, Buses 52 and 62 or Subway U1/2 (Stations Fraunhoferstraße or Kolumbusplatz)

Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund GmbH (MVV):
Tel. +49 (0) 89 41424344

Park and ride for car and bus travelers:
Garching-Hochbrück, Fröttmaning, Kieferngarten, Studentenstadt, Klinikum Großhadern, Neuperlach Süd, Michaelibad, Innsbrucker Ring, Fürstenried West, Candid- and Mangfallplatz

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