Old town hall (Altes Rathaus)

Marienplatz mit Altem Rathaus, Foto: muenchen.de
Foto: muenchen.de The Old Town Hall (in the middle)

The Alte Rathaus (“Old Town Hall”) that sits at the eastern edge of Munich’s Marienplatz has an eventful history. The building was first mentioned in city records in 1310, and it was the seat of the Munich city council until 1847.

A history of renovation

Over the centuries and according to the prevailing taste of the times, the Alte Rathaus underwent numerous renovations, and it was almost completely destroyed in World War II. During reconstruction in the 1950’s, the historical preservationists focused on the Gothic original from the 15th century by cathedral architect Jörg von Halsbach, known as “Ganghofer”. The new tower facade shows the various coats of arms for the city of Munich.

Toy museum

Today the tower of the Alte Rathaus houses an historical toy museum. The collection includes model trains, stuffed animals, dolls, dollhouses, and tin toys. The large Gothic ballroom in the main building is used for events like symposiums, commemorations, or awards ceremonies. As such, the Alte Rathaus is still used today for representative purposes by the city council and the mayor of the state capital.



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