The Flaucher (river bank) in Munich

Isar am Flaucher , Foto: Hofmann
Foto: Hofmann

Flaucher: Relaxation at the shores of the river Isar

For many locals, the Flaucher is the epitome of summer at the Isar river. But this section of the river banks also has its charm in winter, when thick blankets of snow lie over trees and gravel. The so-called "Isar Riviera" stretches from Brudermühlbrücke bridge over the zoo to the southern city limits. The Flaucheranlagen are wonderful green areas in the floodplains on both sides of the river and invite you to barbecue and relax...

Barbecue at the Flaucher and in the Isarauen

Junge Leute grillen an der Isar, Foto: Daniel Vauel
Foto: Daniel Vauel

Particularly in summer, Munich's residents use the Isarauen (river banks of the Isar) for barbecues, swimming and relaxing. The Flaucher is one of the most popular places alongside the river. Barbecues are allowed there.'s Isar app for smartphones points out where to find the barbecue areas, litter bins, toilets and kiosks.


Wild water noise and relaxing at the Flauchersteg bridge

With its river channels, gravel banks and driftwood, the Isar lives up to its character as a wild water river. The Isar floodplains are an important area for flora and fauna. Lying at the Flaucher area by the river shore, you might even hear a few seagulls and rare birds screeching. Especially beautiful are the small islands around the weir: a few hundred meters downriver from the bridge "Thalkirchner Brücke" the Isar turns northeast and forms a small waterfall at the weir locks. Upriver is the Flauchersteg bridge, over which one reaches the arms of the river and clear water basins. Lined by bushes and trees, you will always find a secluded spot here.

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Photo gallery: Barbecue fun at the Flaucher

"Flaucheranlagen": Barbecue areas, animal park and a beer garden

Abendliches grillen an der Isar

Between the Großer Stadtbach river and the Isar, the Flaucherinsel (Flaucher island) with its trees and sunbathing lawns, a playground and allotments invites you to linger. For nudists it is a popular sun terrace. The beer garden "Zum Flaucher" is an insider tip. The eastern riverbank is also very popular: Not only the Tierpark Hellabrunn zoo is located there. In the evenings it is an absolute hotspot: delicious barbecue smell, guitar sounds and laughing young people shape the flair of a typical Munich summer.

The Flaucheranlagen are up to one kilometer wide and can be easily reached from Brudermühl- and Thalkirchner Brücke. They extend along both sides of the river Isar. They are located in the south of the districts Sendling and Thalkirchen and are bordered in the west by the Großer Stadtbach river, the continuation of the Isar canal, which was established for the hydroelectric power plants Isar I - III.

Time lapse video: Summer at Flaucher

On the so-called "Isar Riviera", the Flaucher, everyday life seems far away. Summer days just fly by. But you can change that by being a part of the all the fun Munich has to offer this season. Start by watching o ur time-lapse video, which shows the special flaucher feeling.

Afterwards, you can drive to the heart of Munich and experience the ongoing 2020 Summer in the City! You think you have had the best beers at the Isar, wait till you are relaxing in the beer gardens at Mariahilfplatz and Theresienwiese. You want some white water ride after getting a sun-tan at the Isar? Head straight to the Olympia Park and have your mind blown away. There is that, also a lot of other activities going on. See more details here.




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