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Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauß

Flughafen München, Foto: Flughafen München
Foto: Flughafen München

The new airport, which replaced the Munich-Riem site and began operating in 1992, has received many awards for its architecture. Mid-2003, the opening of Terminal 2 with its daring design was an important step towards further extraordinary growth.

Flughafen München, Foto: Flughafen München
Foto: Flughafen München

Apart from the airline passengers, the airport greets 1,1 million guests a year, including those who come to pick up the passengers, but also visitors who want a closer look at the workings of an important airport. The latter can turn to the special Visitors Park (tel.: 089/975 41 333) for assistance. The Munich Airport offers its guests exceptional shopping facilities and a variety of gastronomical treats. There is even a small brewery called "Airbräu" between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The Munich Airport is certainly the first airport in the world to have its own (mini) brewery!

Special features:

The Visitors Park presents a well-balanced mix of information and recreation. Visitors can marvel at the sight of historical airplanes or stand on the Viewing Hill and enjoy a great view of the terminal and the runways. Guided airport tours provide a fascinating look at airport operations.

Not to be missed: Munich Airport Center, or MAC for short - an architectural masterpiece.

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