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Siegestor ("Victory Gate")

Siegestor München

The Siegestor (“Victory Gate”) forms the northern edge of Ludwigstraße, which together with the Feldherrnhalle forms the border of the royal boulevard. To the south, the Triumphbogen (triumphal arch) opens to Leopoldstraße, the main promenade in the trendy Schwabing neighborhood.

On the Siegestor, a bronze sculpture of Bavaria with four lions looks toward the city. The Triumphbogen, commissioned in 1840 by Ludwig I from architect Friedrich von Gärtner, is said to be modeled after the Arco di Constantino in Rome. On the northern side of the gate, the inscription commemorates the successful end to the wars for liberation of 1815. The southern side has been adorned since the end of World War II with the inscription “Dedicated to war, destroyed in the war, reminding of peace.



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