Luitpoldpark in Munich: Why a visit is worthwhile

Sommer im Luitpoldpark, Foto: Liebich
Foto: Liebich

Munich park with beer garden, restaurant and playground

Though Luitpoldpark might not be the most famous park in Munich, but for tourists it is still worth a detour.

At a glance: What Luitpoldpark has to offer

Sommer im Luitpoldpark, Foto: Liebich
Foto: Liebich
  • Thanks to its location in the western part of the Schwabing district and its pleasant size, the park is never overcrowded and, with numerous lawns, offers plenty of space for a leisurely picnic, sunbathing or a spontaneous Frisbee tournament.
  • Especially for children, the park has a lot to offer, eg the winding hedge maze or a playground
  • With the Bamberger Haus there is an inn, which includes an idyllic beer garden in the park. 
  • The 37-meter high Luitpoldhügel, a former rubble mountain, is quickly climbed and guarantees you an excellent view over Munich in clear weather conditions.

Getting to Luitpoldpark at Brunnerstrasse in Munich is easy to reach from Karlsplatz. All S-bahn trains go to the Stachus, then you can take a tram 27 (Petuelring) and stop Gartenstrasse and a short walk to park.


Bamberger Haus: Restaurant with beer garden

On the western edge of the park is the Bamberger Haus, which houses a bourgeois restaurant with a beer garden.

Bavarian cuisine is served here, and the house is also popular for events. In winter you can also go curling.

History of the Luitpold Park

The park was created as a birthday present to the Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold. In 1911, Luitpold celebrated his 90th birthday and 90 linden trees were planted in his honor.

The 33-hectare public park was laid out around this grove. After the Second World War, a 37-meter-high mountain of rubble from the bombed remains of the city was piled up in the northern part of the park.

A bronze cross on the top of the so-called Luitpold Hill has commemorated the victims of the bombings since 1958.



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