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Why you should visit Westpark in Munich

Herbst im Westpark, Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016
Foto: shutterstock_334071911 2016

Westpark: A park for the family with theatre stage and beergardens

One of Munich's most popular recreation areas, Westpark invites you to stroll and relax. Many works of art await you, while cultural areas and beer gardens make it an ideal spot for families.

The Westpark at a glance: Rose Garden, East Asia Ensemble, Lake Stage

Westpark im Herbst, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal Lake Mollsee in the fall

The 60-hectare park in Munich's Sendling-Westpark district was built in 1983 for the International Garden Exhibition. Peter Kluska's design was influenced by the landscape at the foothills of the Alps.

Artificial hills and valleys as well as two large lakes (Westsee and Mollsee) were also created. The Westpark is separated into two parts by the Mittlerer Ring, Munich's biggest inner city traffic road.


  • In the rose garden, 20,000 roses bloom in spring, of which 500 different species have been planted.
  • East Asia ensemble with China and Japan gardens, the Nepalese Pagoda and the Thai Sala with Buddha statue.
  • Lake stage: a semicircular amphitheater made of natural stone for open air cinema and cultural events.


  • The small Gans am Wasser café directy at the embankment of Mollsee and the beer garden Hopfengarten (eastern part), the Wirtshaus am Rosengarten with another beer garden.
  • Several barbecue zones are designated in the Westpark

Where to get something to eat at Westpark

Das Gans am Wasser im Westpark, Foto: Marie-Lyce Plaschka
Foto: Marie-Lyce Plaschka The Gans am Wasser café is located directy on lake Mollsee
  • The Gans am Wasser café, situated in an old construction trailer, features a beer garden directly at the Mollsee and is not only a dreamlike location, but also a perfect place to relax. The café's opening hours depend on the weather. Currently, the café offers to-go service.
  • The Wirtshaus am Rosengarten serves typical Bavarian specialties like Kaiserschmarrn. In fall, you'll also find special seasonal specials on the menu. Currently, the Wirtshaus offers a pick-up and delivery service.
  • The beer garden at Hopfengarten is popular for its ox specialties from the Ochsenbraterei. Currently on winter break.

A must-see: The East Asian ensemble in the western part of Westpark

The East Asian ensemble in the western part is outstanding - a popular photo motif with original gardens and buildings in Asian style.

  • The Thai Sala, a Bangkok-style pagoda with a consecrated Buddha figure, is reflected in the small pond.
  • The Nepal Pagoda is made entirely of wood and was carved by 300 Nepalese craftsmen according to ancient tradition
  • In the China Garden, a "garden of fragrance and splendor", the visitor symbolically walks through the four seasons.
  • The Japan Garden is a gift from the twin city of Sapporo. The Japanese architects designed a garden in the style of the Heian period (around 800 A.D.), which surprises with ever new views during a tour.

Which cultural events take place in Westpark?

Die Seebühne im Münchner Westpark, Foto: Kino, Mond & Sterne
Foto: Kino, Mond & Sterne

The park is also used for numerous cultural events.

  • In summer, the open-air cinema festival "Kino, Mond und Sterne" (Cinema, Moon and Stars) takes place on the lake stage, and the Musical Wine Festival is also held here twice a year.
  • The Buddhist Vesakh festival with actions and demonstrations in May.
  • Small concerts and theater performances take place in the Theatron.
  • Smaller exhibitions are held in the Sardenhaus

The Westpark as an open-air gallery: works of art

Sonnenuntergang im Westpark, Foto: SusaZoom /
Foto: SusaZoom /

During the 1983 Garden Exhibition, a handful of objects were placed in Westpark that were already envisioned at the time as enduring works of public art. A small selection:

  • Makoto Fujiwara's "Good Day" fountain is located in the East Asia themed area: the Japanese-born artist presents a mix of materials and elements.
  • Christian Tobin's spherical fountain at the southeast entrance creates a gap between the two objects through the water pressure between the sphere and the bowl. In this way, even children can set the 1.8-ton sphere in motion with a slight effort.
  • The sculpture at the rose hill "Terrace" by Jean Clareboudt
  • The Bayerwaldhaus - a historic farmhouse from 1747 with a traditional farm garden

Where can I play sports?

"Fit im Park" - Yoga im Westpark, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal
  • Fit im Park: In the summer months, you can exercise for free at the City of Munich's official recreational sports program. When the weather plays along, there is a different workout for you every day on the gymnastics lawn - from Qi Gong to Zumba to yoga.
  • You can play soccer on the wide meadows in the Westpark, but there are also asphalt soccer fields.
  • For basketball players there is a court in the western part, near the Bayerwaldhaus.

What is on offer for kids?

Sommer im Westpark, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal
  • Adventure playgrounds: For children, six facilities offer ample opportunities to let off steam with slides, swings, seesaws or water games.
  • Tobogganing: Hills with different slopes provide variety in the Westpark in winter. The highlight is the slopes on the big hill in the western part of the park.
  • The play afternoons for children offered by the City of Munich are currently put on hold due to the corona pandemic.


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