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Holidays and visits to Austria and Italy: What is allowed?

Panorama von Salzburg, Foto: Shutterstock / canadastock
Foto: Shutterstock / canadastock A day trip to Salzburg is once again possible

Borders open again for tourists: The most important questions and answers

The Austrian borders reopened with immediate effect, and also that of Italy - for tourists. But can I stay overnight as a tourist? What about the Corona rules in these countries? We have compiled answers to these and to other important questions, here.

Can I go to Italy and Austria again?

Yes, the borders are open again for German tourists. So you can go to Austria and Italy for a day, a short trip or longer stay. It also applies to business trips. This was announced by the Austrian Foreign Minister, Alexander Schallenberg.

What restrictions apply for when entering Austria?

There are no entry restrictions whatsoever. You do not need to present a negative corona test result, as it was recently.

Can I continue my journey from Austria to Italy?

Although Austria maintains their border controls to Italy for the time being, you can still travel to Italy as a German holidaymaker. Italian borders reopened to tourists since June 3. You are also allowed to stopover or spend a night while on your way there.

Can I stay overnight as a tourist?

 Yes, as a tourist you can spend a night in Austria, as well as in Italy.

What leisure activities can I indulge in?

Hiking is no problem. Many huts in the Alps have reopened, as well as lots of museums, restaurants and recreational facilities in both countries.

What corona rules apply in Austria and Italy?

Very strict corona rules still apply in Italy, especially with regards to distance and hygiene regulations. The obligation to wear a mask differs from region to region, but you must have your mouth and nose protection with you in any case. Your temperature can be checked before you enter a museum.

In Austria, the corona regulations are quite similar to those in Bavaria. In many areas, a mask is mandatory - for the time being until June 15th. In addition, a distance of 1 meter between people who do not live in the same house is required.

What do I have to consider on my return trip?

As it stands at the moment, you can re-enter Germany without any problems. Note that you are not allowed to stop in Austria when traveling back from Italy. So make sure you have enough fuel and food with you.

Isn't there another German travel warning?

That's right, the worldwide travel warning from the German Foreign Office was not lifted until June 15. The warning was only a recommendation and does not mean that you are not allowed to travel. Before a trip abroad, you should inform yourself well in this respect, and what the travel warning means for your health insurance, for instance.



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