Taking your Bike

U-Bahn im Bahnhof Georg-Brauchle-Ring., Foto: MVG/Christian Bullinger
Foto: MVG/Christian Bullinger

Public Transport

As a rule, you may take your bike on the underground, S-Bahn or selected regional trains – except during the rush hour. And don’t forget: Your bike also needs a ticket!

Taking your bike is permitted on the U-, S-Bahn, as well as on selected regional trains. In general, you cannot take your bike on buses or trams.

During the rush hour from Monday to Friday from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm bikes are not permitted on the S-Bahn or underground trains either. During school holidays, the blackout period only applies in the morning.

Taking tandems is only possible on S-Bahn trains and selected regional trains.

Tickets for your bike

There are various types of tickets allowing you to take your bike.
MVV bicycle day ticket: 2.50 euros
Bavaria bicycle day ticket: 4.50 euros

Fares for transporting bicycles and tandems Further information by MVV (in German)



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